watch this.

yeah, i know he's looking at me. what? well why on earth would i want him to stop? no. of course not. okay, so he's not the cutest guy in here, but that's not really the point, is it? the point? to get him to look. of course.

look at that one. no, the one behind him. next to that pole. you ever wonder what they're thinking when they're looking? i mean, look at him, he's standing there, dancing. well, swaying. he's not smiling at all. okay, fine, he smiled once, but i don't really consider that smiling. but watch him. carefully, or you'll scare him away. but if i do this. yeah, see? he's watching. but he doesn't want me to know that he's watching. i wonder what's going on in that head.

see how he's backed up against that pole? he's protecting himself. he's found himself a little cozy home, and he's not going to leave. if he leaves, oh. there he goes. see how he did that. he was planning it. before he walked away. what? yeah, like that. he was getting himself ready. just in case other people were watching him. he's trying to convince himself that nobody really cares what he's doing, but still, he's worried. that walk. see? right. he knows he doesn't belong, but he doesn't want to look like he knows. he'll be back.

what do you mean you don't understand? you just move, and they'll watch. hell, you don't even have to move and they'll watch. it's just one of those things. watch me. see? those two, they're coming over. here they are. and they're just watching me. look at that one. no, the other one. yeah, the one with the goofy smile. i guess he's just trying to be nice. but the way they're standing there. just staring. i wonder what's going on in their heads. do they think that i'm doing this for them? what? of course it's not for them. i move and they'll watch. it's facinating.

hey. look over there. behind these two. yeah, he's back. i told you he'd be back. he's still trying not to look. maybe he thinks that he's better than the rest of them. the ones who aren't ashamed to look. or the ones who aren't thinking enough to think not to look. but he's not not. watch this. i wonder what'll happen next time he looks up. oh. yup. there he goes. that's what i thought.

they don't like to be watched.

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