there are so many things that this site is, and even more things that this site is not. a common misconception that i've found is that because most of the stories here are written from a first person perspective, that they are naturally about me.

this is only partially true.

the process which i have taken in writing these stories is that i take a situation, either one in which i have been involved, or one which i witness, and use that as a starting point for the rest of the story. i put myself in the story as one of the characters, and write from that perspective.

sometimes it's about people with whom i've interacted. sometimes it's about people whom i've seen standing on a street corner.

i, of course, bring my personal feelings into the story. but that is not to say that those are my feelings in that particular situation. they are just how i imagine i might, or might not feel.

i suppose that the mere fact that i do think these things up says something about what i am thinking and feeling about the situation.

but really, how much can you learn about a person from a couple of stories, right?

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