eyes locked in a gaze that could last forever. and should.

the touch of his hands against mine, we are standing inches apart, barely touching. his palms against the back of my hands, i can feel his fingers flex a bit, the only movement in his body. he doesn't know what to do, he doesn't know what to say. he's breathing in soft, deep breaths his fingers moving to the rhythm of the air flowing in and out of his lungs, his nails scratching my dry skin.

he blinks and his hands twitch. ever so slightly, but his breathing and stroking no longer in synch he seems to struggle to get it back under control. he does. the slow back and forth continues and i can see his chest rising and falling to the movement of his hands.

a light breeze blows his hair into my face, tickling, and i can see behind his head the sky starting to lighten, fading from black to a dark blue to a lighter blue, the sky, trying ever so hard struggling between keeping the serenity of the night and the birth of a new day. it looks, at this point, like there might be a chance that the night will win this round, keeping the world in a dark blue grey covering, the only things moving the wind and the birds.

still staring into his eyes, he's looking back at me, just looking, possibly thinking. i want to lean forward, touch my lips to his, feel his body against mine, to have him close his hands around mine. but i don't. but i can't. but i won't. if i could, i would take this moment and capture it forever, to see his anticipation, to feel my longing, the world coming alive around us, coming alive to join us.

close my eyes a moment feel hands slowly tighten around mine, body leaning in. eyes stay closed in darkness the touch is all there is.

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