i painted the sky green this morning.

it was really all i could do, when i woke up and looked out my window and saw the sky white. not grey, not blue, not even that tinge of red you get just as the sun is coming up but before you can actually see it. the sky was white. she just forgot about it.

i'm not sure how you forget something like the sky. it's fairly big, and it's all around, and it's really pretty. and i actually thought about leaving it, leaving it white, just so everyone would have a change from the boring old thing. but i thought better of it. it's not that the sky is just so unimportant that you can just forget about it. you can't. well, i couldn't. it wasn't even my turn, but i figured that it was almost time anyway, and there must have been a good reason that she forgot. it's not that she forgets very often. in fact, i don't think she's ever forgotten before.

something must have been on her mind.

and i'm not going to give her flack about it either, since i know that she feels really awful about it. at least, i know that i would. i remember that one time, when i was pretty late, and it was almost afternoon by the time i got around to it. i felt so bad. i walked around in a funk for the next couple of days, until they told me that it was ok. that nobody really noticed it anyway.

they said that nobody noticed!

and really, that's what did it, and that's what did it to me this time. i mean, how could they say that nobody noticed when it's the sky! well they said it. and you know what? they're right. because even today, after i did it. after i woke up and saw that she had forgotten and had to do it myself. and even after i painted it green, painted it so that everyone would have to notice it, for once out of the year they'd have to look up and say

oh look, the sky is green.

even after all that.

nobody noticed.

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