and as she catches my eye, all i can remember are those few nights we spent together, those intense nights (and while i would like to say passionate here, they were far from that, no passion ever came between us). i think it was somewhere between lust and desperation that found me there, and i realize now that i was lonely and there was a warm body there, and i look now and think to myself what was i thinking when i was with her and i realize that it's all true, what they say about how

when the lights are off

and i can't believe that i actually fell for that and i can't believe that when all was said and done for all the dreams and hopes that i'd ever had and all the times i'd promised that i'd find love and i'd only under certain only when i fell in love and not before because before then is only showing and i can't believe that i even though i didn't fuck her still

was thinking of it

thinking only of lust and hard wanting barely even what i am saying thinking it wasn't thinking it was wanting and when it all comes crashing down i realize once and for all that while it was all right at the time and even now looking back it is alright

it was really just wrong.

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